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Sunday, May 13, 2007 11:27:27 PM


GHTFA Men's Division!

In 2007 the GHTFA has lost a few teams and now we have 4 Leagues in Men's Touch Football.  A consists of 7 teams two which dropped from AA in 2006 and 5 A teams. B League consists of 8 teams in Rec/Competitive and C League consists of 9 teams in Recreational. The Masters League in 2007 will have 6 teams of 15 players unless more registration takes place down from 8 in 2006.

The Association is looking for new individuals to share the workload so if you are interested in participating please contact Dave Nelson the current executive would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Enjoy the 2007 Season and remember to provide constructive and positive feedback and of course we will listen to any and all suggestions to make our Association better.

GHTFA Executive

GHTFA07: MastersPlayOffs2007 [Schedule]

# Home Away Location Time
Thursday, 08 Nov 2007
1 Gryphons Varsity Blues Nelson Park 19:00:00
2 Warriors Hawks Nelson Park 20:00:00
3 Huskies Lancers Nelson Park 21:00:00
Thursday, 15 Nov 2007
4 Gryphons Hawks Nelson Park 19:00:00
5 Huskies Varsity Blues Nelson Park 20:00:00
6 Warriors Lancers Nelson Park 21:00:00
Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007
7 Lancers Hawks Nelson Park 19:00:00
8 Warriors Varsity Blues Nelson Park 20:00:00
9 Gryphons Huskies Nelson Park 21:00:00

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