Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association Championship Day Results

(from Sunday, Oct 22nd)

Game Results and Recap - AA, A, BB, B, CC, C, DD


The GHTFA held itís annual championship day on Sunday, with 7 championship games being played in the various leagues. For the fourth consecutive year, the finals were played in the rain, with muddy field conditions creating havoc for the players. The Masters League championship (over 35 years old) will be played Thursday, November 9th @ 8:00pm @ Nelson Stadium.


Additionally, Tony Spagnoli, and Carlo Vittuci were recognized by the association by being inducted into the GHTFA Hall of Fame. Vittuci and Peter Flatt were also recognized as members of the GHTFA Quarter Century Club, as 25 year players.


The GHTFA has 40 teams playing in a number of leagues within the association, many of those teams competing at provincial and national championship tournaments. More on the GHTFA can be found on their website  ghtfa.org



Irish 30  Hornets 29

Irish QB Nick Marquette threw touchdown passes to game MVP Sean Blaney, Kyle Taylor, Jay McNeice  & Eric Bourque

Jamie Loughlin  led the Irish defence with an interception

The Hornetís scoring came from Corey Keupfer and Matt Adel who both had 2 TD receptions from QB Derek Moffat. Adel & Adam Smith had 2 point converts. Defensive standouts were Jack Petrie & Brad Forbes who each had an interception.



Raiders 15   Bulls 14

The Raiders stopped the Bulls 4 year run as A champions with a one point win. Raiders QB Mike Cripps threw touchdown passes to Brad Campanella & Derek Stevens. Stevens also caught a 1 point convert, with Neil Hess getting a 2 point convert. Game MVP Randy Kuzyk led the defence with 4 interceptions, while Andrew Lansbury & Jeremy Alexander each had 1 interception.

The Bulls got touchdowns from Dave Sanderson and Tony Roberts with passes from QB Scott Downes. Roberts also had an interception, as did Roger Hortensius.



Balls Deep 28  Gators 13

Game MVP quarterback Wade Currie threw 3 touchdown passes, while Steven Surya had an interception for their defence.

Gators QB Craig Connolly ran for a touchdown, and threw a touchdown pass and 1 point convert to George Robis. Chris Clark also added an interception for the Gators.



Fox 40 22  Eagles  6

Fox 40 QB Dave Nelson threw 2 touchdown passes to game MVP Brandon Little, and one to Rob Ducharme. Little added a 2 point convert as did Shane Dougherty. Little also led the defence with 2 interceptions, while Larry Hodgson added another.

Eagles QB Jay Talaga connected with Phil Devey for their touchdown. Defensive standouts with interceptions were Pete Service, Ron Zawaki & Tony Spagnoli.


Slow Fat White Guys  21  Tar Heels 7

SFWG quarterback Jim Thompson threw 2 touchdown passes to game MVP Ryan Kelly, and 1 to Keith Boyd. Manny Campell had an interception for the defense.

Tar Heels QB Carl Mingo threw a TD pass to Anthony Quitard, and a convert to Steve Pratt. Their defense had interceptions from Adam Sangster, Wally Sangster, Chris Bower and Steve Pratt 


El Muchachos 34  Team Green  6

Muchachos quarterback, and game MVP Kalvin MacLeod threw 2 touchdown passes to Roy Lippert, and 1 to Nick Defilippis. Dan Bilancia also threw a TD pass to Gary Bilancia.

Paul Anacleto led the defense with 5 quarterback sacks, while Roy Lippert added an interception.



Fighting Cocks  12    Renegades  7

Fighting Cocks game MVP Aaron Beckely and Rob Smith scored their touchdowns, with Shawn Mills leading their defense with 4 interceptions.

Renegades QB Alex Wysocki threw their lone touchdown pass to Michael Vos.