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GHTFA Men's Division!

Welcome back to the GHTFA 2022.  In 2022 the GHTFA has 3 Leagues in Men's Touch Football the 6 teams in each tier will play each other twice and split into three leagues and play each other once, then start the playoffs. The Masters League which will start in August.  If you are interested in  Masters League please let Jeff Boelhouwer know ASAP the first 60 players are guaranteed a spot and if we get 80+ then will reorganize to six teams

Please enter your score online within 48 hours of the game or it will be recorded as a tie, your team will also be assessed a fine as per the Constitution.  A reminder in 2022 you are responsible for your team attendance and completing the game card and obtaining the other teams signature.  The game card MUST be sent to the Registrar within 48 hours of the completion of the game.  Due to Covid-19 protocols you will also have to have the players name and phone number on the game card to double as a contact tracing document required by public health.  All non-participants must also be added to your game card if they are in your bench area.  Be Safe, Lets keep playing!

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The Association is looking for new individuals to share the workload so if you are interested in participating please contact Dave Nelson the current executive would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Enjoy the 2022 Season and remember to provide constructive and positive feedback and of course we will listen to any and all suggestions to make our Association better.

GHTFA Executive

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